Pocket Full of Mantras

Mental Olympics

I will tell myself what ever I have to in order to break down an approaching mental wall and cross the line. In the heat and deep miles of a half marathon or full marathon (or even a long training run), I have even mouthed words to songs on my ipod to find some mental armor—I know, it sounds just crazy and I may look foolish. Sometimes that is the boost I need. I compare running a marathon to standing on my toes on a cliff, with my heels over the edge. Don't fall off the edge! Hold it! Hold it!

Sometimes there is a mission or stronger thought that has helped me train and I pull that out—repeat it, play it again, focus on it and drive towards it. It must be simple or I won't be able to call on it when I most need it.

Although they are not all original, this is a list of mantras that I have kept in reserve on training runs and races by picking just 1or 2 to replay for the event. I am sure I will keep adding to the list.
• 30% ( I have 30% left in the tank at the moment I am seriously ready to walk off the course)
• I-AM-Relentless.
• Embrace the SUCK!
• Relectless Faith
• Believe (Kara Goucher)
• Dig Deep
• Glide
• Run Through It
• Don't ...You ... Surrender
• I-AM this Strong
• Untie these Knots, Erase the Cannots
• Because Others Cannot
• I Am Here Now (from Another Mother Runner)
• Get It, Get It, Get It
• Trust Your Training
• It's All In Your Head 
• Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Not.
• You are Stronger than You Think (Thanks Jillian Michaels!)
• Nobody is Going to Save You (Save Yourself and Do the Work!)
• How Good Do You Want to Be?
• You Must Commit
• Don't Let Go
• Keep It Honest (Desiree Davila)
• As Long as I Can Breath
• Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
• Cross THAT Line
• PAIN: No One Gives It To You. You Have to Take It. (Shorten to Pain: Take it.)
• THIS is the edge, now bring it back
• McMillan says you can
• Be the heroine of your life, not the victim. (Nora Ephron)
• YOU have more to give
• God only asks that you believe

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