Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Soaked

My husband wanted to try a pair of Hoka One One Bondi B shoes since I so love them and he suffers from knee pain when running. Being a savvy online shopper—and that I can't buy them locally—I found a pair for $79.90 which is about half of what I payed for mine! The site looked legit with hundreds of shoes and I order an additional pair for myself. Who could beat that deal? I did think it was strange that I did not get a confirmation email about the exact order. Only one email came from PayPal with the transaction. After waiting a couple weeks with no delivery or follow-up, I became concerned and emailed the supplier three times and had no reply. I then filed a complaint with PayPal.

They went to the seller and came back with a postal shipping code, so I was hopeful that the shoes were on the way. Yesterday, a package with the code from CHINA arrived. An envelope about 5x6 inches—definitely not shoes. And in it... a sponge! My heart sank with the irony that I just got soaked. A 22 cent sponge as noted worth on the package for MY $159.80.

That's right! This is my Hoka One One steal. I get to pay $159.80 for a sponge.
Can you hear this person's laughter in China?  
Close-up of envelope: The US Value in this envelope is 22 cents.

Of course, I have notified PayPal of the fraud and am waiting for resolution.

As disturbed and angered as I am about this, I came to one mindful resolution. I can not control the dishonesty of others. I cannot let the awful actions of others control my mindset, and I hope when the new pair of Hoka One Ones come for my husband (that I ordered last night from UT), that I don't look at them with disdain and resentment. I hope I can laugh about this one day at least 15980 times.

I could have called the post, Hoka Hoax, but that just isn't fair to my Hokas.

Off to find my Focused Drive and think of those worthy of my thoughts.


I have playing this game for 2 1/2 months with PayPal and following their instructions:
• sending the sponge back to China thru registered mail for an additional $17.87,
• specialty packing of the package for customs—what a pain,
• waiting, waiting waiting, and watching it sit online in China since November 17!

I received a message two days ago saying that they would NOT refund my money because this seller was not proven to have received the package. And further more, I had 72 hours to give proof.. what!!!!

I felt a stabbing in my chest again and betrayed once more by a company seeming to protect a criminal. I sent images of the packing slips, tracking, and of the sponge to PayPal with no reply. I sent an email back asking for investigation of this criminal act. No reply.

This seller removed their website, sent me a sponge and was now not excepting the package to keep the money … or … maybe they left town for fraudulent acts. The flames where coming from my ears by now. I know this whole thing is trivial compared to worldly issues or serious matters of life and death. But this seller stole from me and just taking it is not acceptable.

I knew I needed to get a hold of a real person (which PayPal makes really hard), and to keep control without blowing up...so I ran 6 miles first (after doing the Jillian Michaels 6-pack workout). How's that for therapy? Seriously, I didn't want to lose my temper. I just needed to be heard. I really didn't want to workout AT-ALL and was miserable through most of it. I was that upset. But I came across a thought on that run. To live with relentless faith in all parts of my life means having faith that even when things go wrong and look bad on the outside—things I can not control—that it is going to be okay. The mission in this, is faith in what ever the outcome.

After a long wait on the phone and punching codes, I finally talked to someone with a calm voice, and was promised my money back through PayPal! This person even said she would process the return postage for the sponge to China, which they normally don't cover. What a turn of events.


  1. OH my goodness! I am SO sorry to hear this happened to you! I'm hoping PayPal can at least get you your money back. Ugh. I hate dishonest people. :(

    1. I am sure it isn't the first time for this individual or PayPal since they have an example on their site of getting a brick instead of what you ordered. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Nice! I was wondering if this had been taken care of, I hope so!

  3. It isn't over yet! PayPal is siding in my favor but I had to send the 22 cent sponge back with a tracking number and possibly a signature. I don't trust these people, so I payed $17.87 today for a special wrapped package to be signed for a dozen times. Completely ridiculous way to get my money back from a foreign crook and it still costs ME the shipping! You can bet I am PRO-AMERICAN MADE and SOLD after all this or even a Canadian company. Why don't we team more?


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