Monday, May 7, 2012

Make It Rain

The last week seemed to have one theme: MAKE IT RAIN

It has rained every morning for a week now. Which was working out okay since I have a kick'n treadmill. I was getting nervous about these slower 20 milers, so I took the opportunity and picked-it-up with 4 mile runs at 9mm. I can say that the treadmill looked like it was raining inside and I felt super charged.

I was motivated to "Make It Rain" by this video below featuring a local girl, Courtney Argue who is singing the lead. Looks like a lot of sweaty rain to me. It works—just what I needed.

I have started to prepare my Marathon list and now need to reserve some music that really helps me pick-it-up. I am not one to sneak in too many ballads and I need a fresh mix for each race. This Week's 4 Miler Pick-It-Up and Make It Rain List: Make it Rain | 3:16 Courtney Argue & J.Greene Feat. Pitbull Go Get It | 3:16  Mary Mary Whistle | 3:45  Flo Rida Touch Me | 3:51  Smash Cast Version Featuring Katharine McPhee) All This Time | 3:26  Britt Nicole Live Like That  | 3:57  Sidewalk Prophets Let's Go (Radio Edit) | 3:46 Calvin Harris Love U Betta | 3:21 Neon Hitch 50 Ways To Say Goodbye | 4:08 Train Some of these will make the reserve Marathon cut and others will have to go.

Last 20—Washed Away

By Saturday I had had enough rain! My last run with Evie Ultra for this training session, and any melancholy I had for the last 20 miler was washed away in the showers and down the flowing streets. Cold wet feet with a good attitude got us thru the last 20.75 miles. Yep, we pushed a little further and talked about mental toughness. I am now prepared for a cold shower Marathon—but it isn't my desire at all. It's taper time! I have been experiencing a NEW perk the day after my 20 milers—a running surge/urge the next day and I have high energy and crave a run like chocolate. Not remotely kidding. I hand-washed the floors in the house, put away 5+ loads of laundry, cleaned and then finally flung out of the gate like I was in the Kentucky Derby—it was this weekend afterall. I ran a 4 mile recovery run that was a little speedy for recovery mode and felt amazing the entire time. My legs were not as happy, but my mind seemed to say this was pure adrenaline. Ahhhhh no rain. Find your FOCUSED DRIVE.

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