Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The PF Word!

Dear Plantar Fasciitis, 
I don't think this is going to work out. In fact I need to kick you to the curb. We have two very different value systems and although we both love my feet, you prefer that I sit around and do nothing while I would like to get out and get on with the run. I think I have someone just for you. Another achy and nagging companion—weak ankle and swollen knee—that is an equal match in flare-up and pain to your's. You will love each other! SCAT!

In the past two weeks I have worked my way through some depression about taking a few days off and what ifs regarding long term injury. I have been reading everything I can find on recovery and trying what ever I have to to get me thru a half in October and my Full the following week. Beating Oprah, may not be reachable this year. But I want to get to the starting line feeling good and finish pain free as I can. Then the training session for next year's 50m will be the main goal.

These couple of injuries have helped me stay focused in the current goals, and may even help be a stronger runner overall.

So far this is what I am doing for Plantar Fasciitis:
1) Strassburg Sock worn nightly (I am still getting use to this)
2) Multiple stretching and working the Plantar Facia throughout the day (used online video demos)
3) KT taping for condition
4) Feetures sleeve sock (worn daily)
5) Shoe heel gels in all day shoes and running shoes
6) SuperFeet insert for running shoes
7) No barefooting!
The balls of Toe Olympics:
Grab balls with toes and move from one place to another.
8) Starting each morning with writing the alphabet in the air with injured foot before stepping out of bed
9) Toe Olympics! Moving the kids' super balls with my feet from one place to another and then back again.
10) Took a few days off and no speed work:(
11) Icing

Weak ankle causing a swollen knee on long runs
1) Building ankle strength: balancing on one leg and holding 30 seconds at a time
2) One leg half squats moving the opposite leg front, back and side (10 reps each)
3) Stretching leg and IT
4) Foam Rolling IT (this one hurts a lot and I even bruised myself! But feel a release after.)
5) Back to wearing an IT/knee band on runs

Overall, I think I am seeing improvements and I have to add in more rest time after long runs. I could just keep running if it wasn't for these disappointing injuries. My knee seized up in last weeks 16 miler, but felt better after resting just 5 minutes. Ridiculous!

Here we go. More yoga and strength training for the next year. GO!

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