Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dig Deep and Repeat

I have found a new love in of all things: hill repeats

What is wrong with me?? I was intimidated to start doing these. 

Why? Because they are excruciatingly hard! At least, that is what my brain told my lungs and legs. 

Enter hard rock'n music…and we have lift off!

The biggest obstacle was actually keeping track of the count. So I came up with something simple: 
Run down the hill and pick up a small rock at the bottom
Run with it up the hill  and place it in the mailbox 
I started with 6 and have added on weekly by one to two repeats (I am currently at 15, yeah me!)
Repeat 2x-3x a week

The reviews I have read from North Country's mentor program echoes that the best training strategies include MANY hill repeats—followed by then by many more.  I have to agree with that after running the half and I literally just want to survive and see my family again. Geese, need to get that thought out of my head.

Not only will this make me stronger, faster and condition my legs for the downhill beating I will take, but I am also gaining mental toughness. I feel like a fist pumping Rocky The Italian Stallion at the end. I am just missing the them music in my iPod to carry out this crazy. 

With the Bayshore marathon this weekend, I am looking forward to see just how strong my run buddy and I have become in these last 6 months. I already have a game plan for what comes next and will share those training changes after the race report. 

Until then, find your Focused Drive.

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