Wednesday, July 31, 2013

31+ (miles baby!)

For the record, our (Evie Ultra and my) longest run is done and in the books or partially in the Garmin. All that is left is a couple more longish runs, a short taper, keeping up with cross training and packing my drop bag.

Preparing for our long run I drove the course and dropped 2 frozen 2-liter bottles filled with NUUN for refilling our packs at mile 14 and 24. Besides packing all the usual GUs, pickle juice and salt tablets, I prepared 2 grilled cheese sandwiches before we set out. These sandwiches were...awesome! I can't believe it took me so long to try this. I cut them into quarters to make them easier to eat. For the first time I wasn't completely hungry out there and having food fantasies.

I also wore all my clothes that I will be wearing in the ultra. I don't need any wardrobe malfunction surprises.

After mile 26 Evie announced that I was officially an ultra runner. I told her not until I was at 31. I felt like Rainman, "31 mile, 31 miles, the number has to be 31. 31 miles…" When I did cross over 31 miles, I felt a giggly sensation. I actually couldn't quit laughing. I have no idea what was funny. I am hoping 50 is just as hilarious.

The magic is that I absolutely do not feel burned out on running. I went on with my day with my family like I hadn't ran anything more than 14 that day. And even went to dinner with my husband. Evie went to work waiting tables that night just like she has done after every training run. I just have to say that I am not sure I could pull that off. WOW Evie Ultra, you are so ready for this!

Sunday, I was very tired. A nap was in order for me. A bonus that the entire family seemed tired and I snuggled with my daughter mid-afternoon.

My Garmin did die at 30 miles with the time of 6:05. I have finally broken down and ordered a new Garmin. Mine has been on the fritz since it was about 9-months old and I have a feeling THAT is why it is discontinued. It beeps non-stop and continually shifts screens at the sign of moisture (rain and sweat) until the battery dies. I have manually re-booted the watch when it freezes while charging at times. Nothing like getting up at 5am and finding out the charging Garmin is frozen and useless. It took issues with my iPod Nano to figure out that I could re-boot this Garmin. The battery never did last 8hrs as advertised. I did contact Garmin about the many issues, including that it would not sync correctly online. There were no answers. So I was not surprised when this model was discontinued a year after it was released.

The due date is coming, the work is done, and it's soon time to birth this 50mile Ultra in just 24 days.

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