Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Change of Plan

Finish Line!
I am not a super human. I clearly spent all my mental toughness and physical speed the week before at Ragnar DC. I wouldn't change a thing about that.

Not every race is going to be a PR and filled with awesome self accomplishment. I was so looking forward to running in the Traverse City Lighthouse Half Marathon with my run buddy, Evie and my husband—helping them break 2 hours or come close to it. However, I had my doubts of being able to hold a 9-minute pace going into this. I had been tired all week to say the least. Recovery is tough after Ragnar with early plane flight thrown in.

Arriving in the dark at 6 a.m. to ensure we didn't miss our bus to the start line, we threw on our warmer clothes to discard right before the race. I have a special bag of frumpy fat clothes and maternity wear just for this occasion.  Items are picked-up and donated, so this makes sense and we don't have to lug them around.
Waiting at the Lighthouse in our toss-it coverups.

But this Lighthouse run sucketh for the first 5 miles with poor breathing, tightening in my chest
My funny run buddy on the bus behind us:
Scrunchy Face!
and my left leg extremely aching for the first 3 miles until I drowned it out of my head. Then it just kept crying anyways. The course was hilly with a few miles of two-track and I just couldn't muster up the speed. My run buddy later pointed out that the date on my shoes was her birthday in June. DANG-it! I just ran in over-the-hill shoes. What a stupid mistake.

After mile 6, I said forget it! This just wasn't fun at all. I turned off my tunes, started talking more and changed the plan. Evie wasn't lov'n this run either and was coming off of being sick the previous week. We stopped pushing and started enjoying the views and journey more.

At mile 11, my husband realized that these two ladies were holding him back with their chatter and he took off to finish 5 minutes ahead of us. He later said he felt like he had nothing left in that last half mile to the finish line. Hmmm, too much speed at once.

Evie and I finished at 2:14. It is what it is and my leg was grateful to be done.

My husband is already sign-up for his next half at Bay Shore to break 2 hours. Totally doable since he trains faster than I do.

Post Race Assessment:
What I have gone through since is a series of painful leg episodes extending to a burning under my knee. I have completely stop cross training and took some time off of running hoping it would heal. After xrays, a doctor said is was a sprain. That was two months ago.

I had shoe orthotics made and have been foam rolling, stretching and strength training with one leg squats but need to add to that. Lots of pushups being done to build upper body. But without a lot of cardio, I think I may have a hard climb this year.

I am just starting in with low miles right now and still get that strained ache and pain. The treadmill seems to be a little better. I miss my run buddy. We have had (2) 5-8 mile runs in the last two months. Come back 41 sounds too negative. I need to position this as a positive in some form. Maybe 41 and and gonna run.

I may still go in for an MRI and PT.  I have even thought that it could be a nerve issue. Maybe a Chiropractor is needed? I just don't feel like me without my constant fitness drive. An 8 minute mile looks more like a dream right now.

All of my drive has been poured into work in the last couple months … hey, didn't I once say that was kryptonite?! Yes, weight gain has happened. Time to Focus. Drive. And get this leg hell taken care of.

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