Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Only Shake I Need

I know many people set THE resolution every year to lose weight. It has got to be the most set goal of all time and then the most broken goal of all time. The problem is...making dramatic changes that make one miserable doesn't work for long. Sooner or later the animal wants out of the cage so to speak.
I keep seeing these shake diets, and although SOME people find success by drinking them—and hopefully exercising at the same time and don't starve themselves (HA!)—what happens next, when/if the weeks are completed? What habit is formed in drinking a prefabricated drink. Why is learning to think of a sweet/dessert shake as a meal, a healthy thing? I'm gagging thinking about it. Where is control learned? I want to know, where is the happiness in this process because I love real food?

I am concerned about friends that feel stuck in their struggle to loss weight, live healthy and need to believe in themselves. It wasn't so long ago that I had trouble climbing a sled hill to go down it with my kids.This is what I believe, and I say it because I care about people for the long haul: 

Small changes made consistently = Progress

Just start building…

So what's shaken with me? (Sorry, I could not resist.)

Although I am changing my training to become an Ultra runner, I have been experiencing some great side effects from the 5 weeks of my previously posted fitness routine of 6-Weeks/Six Pack + ZUMBA + Running. The results? Drum roll…

I am down 5.5 lbs! My hips are smoother and my stomach is definitely flatter. Geese, things I always wished for but couldn't achieve with just running. No starving and major dieting at all. I did it during the holidays with all that junk food around (not that I went wild). I just didn't want to gain any weight to have to lose it again. I am really impressed!

I have stayed on Level One of the Jillian Michaels – 6 Weeks/Six Pack DVD for 5 weeks instead of 3. I feel like I can do it better and challenge myself each time. Thanksgiving to Christmas threw me for an activity loop, and I wanted to get more out of it, since I was only doing it 3 days a week. I just started  Level 2 this week and can say, "My buns hurt!" I still ran today, but yow!

I know I have heard Jillian Michaels say you can't isolate weight loss to one spot or area, but I am happy as a peach and am just going to imagine that this 5lb sugar bag came off my waist.

Here's hoping we all can find Focused Drive in the activities that will last, create happiness and well-being in 2013.

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