Saturday, February 2, 2013


Not to be confused with drunk-dialing to an X, run-dialing is when you make calls while running.

I have thought about doing this before and never acted on it. But today, I had 14 miles to slam out on a treadmill, and I called my BRF to chat in the last three miles. That's right. I did it and am admitting it. Since my husband had another commitment, I had to be at home with the kids. Although I do not love running in cold, snowy weather, the long runs are much more bearable with a run buddy than on a lame treadmill staring at a wall. I hate sounding so negative, but 14 miles on a treadmill sucks! I have done it before in a straight run without breaks, but I am out of practice for this mind bender. I tried several techniques to break it up, and then the idea of making the call came to life. Silly as it was, I knew she would be making the same 14 mile run sometime this weekend. So we could chat about how her run went and maybe she would be on her treadmill at the same time. She is use to me running and panting, what the heck—I dialed. She had finished her run already, but my reward was that 3 miles past like smooth skating across a rink. A fast 3 miles and DONE. She didn't notice when I had stopped because we kept on talking.

Equally amusing, is the amount of woman that replied to this posting on the Run Like a Mother: The Book facebook page when they posted it as a status update: 90 likes and 76 responses and counting. So I am not the only one struggling with this treadmill lameness and considering other ways to get thru it. Many responded that they tweet, text, read, surf the internet, or talk on the phone. Hmmm food for thought. What else can I do while running?

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